Project manager rfe

Plan, initiate, and manage information technology IT projects. Lead and guide the work of technical staff. Serve as liaison between business and technical aspects of projects.

project manager rfe

Plan project stages and assess business implications for each stage. Monitor progress to assure deadlines, standards, and cost targets are met. Find occupations related to multiple tasks. Hot Technology — a technology requirement frequently included in employer job postings.

Find occupations related to multiple detailed work activities. Median wage data for Computer Occupations, All Other. Employment data for Computer Occupations, All Other. Industry data for Computer Occupations, All Other.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data and employment projections. Links to non-DOL Internet sites are provided for your convenience and do not constitute an endorsement. Skip navigation. Occupation Quick Search:. Department of Labor Related Sites. Updated Tasks 5 of 21 displayed. All 21 displayed. Manage project execution to ensure adherence to budget, schedule, and scope. Confer with project personnel to identify and resolve problems.

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Monitor or track project milestones and deliverables. Submit project deliverables, ensuring adherence to quality standards. Assess current or future customer needs and priorities by communicating directly with customers, conducting surveys, or other methods.

Initiate, review, or approve modifications to project plans. Schedule and facilitate meetings related to information technology projects.No one can say for certain what exactly is going to happen to the H-1B visa under the Trump administration. Immigration reform is key to bringing jobs back to the U. The first major hurdle for H-1B visa holders came in the form of Policy Memorandum issued on October 23, The new memorandum rescinded previous guidance, issued April 23,that gave deference to prior determinations of eligibility for H-1B visa holders filing for extensions that involved the same parties and underlying facts as the initial petition.

project manager rfe

In other words, USCIS introduced a series of policies with more stringent standards to apply to previously approved petitions. The second complication to H-1B petitions is wage levels. Specifically, entry-level positions that require a university degree, but no experience are typically classified under level 1 wage.

USCIS has argued that the job duties paying level 1 wages are not complex enough to qualify as specialized but too complex to be considered entry-level because they involve the exercise of judgment and thus require oversight from a wage level 3 supervisor. Quite the predicament.

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This brings us to the problem of singular degrees and specialization. The issue with the singular degree requirement is that often the coursework of a related degree provides the specialized knowledge needed to perform job duties.

For instance, to fill a computer programmer position an applicant does not necessarily require a computer science degree to carry out tasks. Instead, a person with a mathematics or information technology degree can adequately fulfill such job responsibilities. If the work is performed off-site, then the method and frequency of supervision are analyzed. USCIS further evaluates the employer-employee relationship in a myriad of ways, most common are: who pays the H-1B worker, sets their hours, directs their daily tasks, is in charge of hiring and firing, provides benefits and claims the worker for tax purposes.

To combat such intrusive investigation by USCIS, project management software that indicates oversight and services provided by all constituents should be used. Furthermore, submitting an itinerary or any and all documentation demonstrating the employer-employee relationship with specific job duties that is signed by all parties can help increase the chances of success. The changes were applied retroactively, without public notice, causing significant issues for companies abiding by the previous policy.

After much backlash from affected parties, the changes were made void.

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About the author: Jon Velie has practiced Immigration law since Jon can be contacted at jon onlinevisas. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Deference to previously approved visas The first major hurdle for H-1B visa holders came in the form of Policy Memorandum issued on October 23, Level 1 wage The second complication to H-1B petitions is wage levels.

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Specialty occupation This brings us to the problem of singular degrees and specialization. Popular posts.Your heart skips a beat and you start to think about all the possible things that can go wrong with your immigration process. While an RFE is no walk in the park, it is often something that can be overcome with strong documentation and persuasive explanations. Before you start to have nightmares about denials, lets share the common RFEs that you can expect and what you can expect in this article.

VIBE uses commercially available data to validate basic information about organizations petitioning to employ foreign workers. In some instances, such as a newly established business, recent relocation, or change in corporate structure, the information contained in the VIBE system may not match the information provided by the employer in the H1B petition.

These types of documents should be readily available to an employer. Although it may be a hassle to respond to this type of RFE, it is relatively straight forward. See 8 CFR Although the regulations are specific regarding the criteria for determining what qualifies as a specialty occupation, approval or denial often comes down to a judgment call by the adjudicating officer.

The adjudicating officer will not look at the job title alone, but instead consider all the facts surrounding the petition like :. This issue is occasionally present in H-1B petitions filed by small businesses for aliens with professional skills not normally associated with persons employed in such a business e.

USCIS may assume that the beneficiary will be employed in a lesser capacity or he or she will seek other employment immediately upon arrival.

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An RFE may be issued for documentation and explanations that a legitimate need exists. The employer must be able to demonstrate that the beneficiary will be employed in a qualifying specialty occupation and not in some lesser role. Thanks to Emily for writing the guest article for us.

Neumann writes a blog on immigration law immigrationgirl. I am here in US for 3 years, I have already done one transfer without any issues.

What is a project manager? The lead role for project success

Attorney is working through the documentation, however I wanted to know what are my chances to get through this RFE and get approval? Question to Kumar or someone have knowledge. My huband H1B non-ad picked up in lottery. He has done his Engineering in Electronics and communication. And his H1B has filed as Database Administartor with wage level 2. Do you see any incompatibilty or risk in the next phase? Thanks Kumar for the response.

Is this understanding correct? Trying to know that this is not an unusual combination of education and specialty occupation and people with such combination can get approval. Please share. Well, it depends on the experience and job offered…in the past I have seen situations like you say and got approved…. If your H1B case is denied, then unfortunately you have to leave U. Depending on when you receive the denial letter in the mail, you should plan to leave the country as instructed in that letter.

Please contact me if your case is denied due to specialty occupation issue. If you still have a valid project, then I would be able to refile your case with our corporation with high certainty of approval. For my petition case almost 11 year has be cm. On green card base. My h1b tranfer is in process. I got rfe and content is — Additional internal information regarding the position and external support documentation. Lawyer said we need expert advice on this and it may take — 4 to 5 weeks to get their advice.

How critical is this case? In case of an RFE would like to know like what documents do an employee have to provide to the company to answer an RFE? I already have the required documents mentioned below but would like to know if there is something else.The U. The case involved a small U. The L1A category is designed to allow multinational companies to transfer managers and executives to a U. An L1A manager is typically someone who manages other employees within the company.

However, the L1A category can also be used for a functional manager — that is, an employee who manages an essential function within the organization. One major hurdle in getting an L1A petition approved for a functional manager, however, is that the petitioner must demonstrate how the beneficiary will primarily manage the essential function, as opposed to actually performing the essential function.

He was responsible for running the U. He reported to the highest levels within the overseas parent company. This small staff led the USCIS to conclude that the petitioning company lacked the organizational structure to support a position that was primarily managerial in nature. The company asserted that the beneficiary managed the essential function of market development in the Americas and had influence over the highest level of decision-making within the company regarding developing the U.

The petitioner further argued that it was reasonable to utilize foreign staff members to directly and exclusively support the U. The standard analysis of whether an employee is primarily managerial includes consideration of work delegated to others that relieves the beneficiary from performing non-managerial tasks. Based in large part on this issue, the USCIS denied the case after focusing heavily on the small size of the petitioning U.

The fact that the U. In recent years, L-1 petitions have been subject to heightened levels of scrutiny. However, for many multinational companies — including those with relatively small offices in the United States — it is still possible to present strong cases to the USCIS by making legal arguments that remain within the framework of the law.It can be very tense moments for employer as well as employee.

This article focuses on the most common RFE reasons part 2. This is a continuation of the other article covering the rest. Some RFEs may request an explanation and documentation of how the degree is related to the position. Or, where the sponsored worker lacks a U. USCIS allows three years of professional experience to substitute for each year of college-level training. Typically in situations where the sponsored worker will work off-site, USCIS will look at a number of factors to determine whether a valid employer-employee relationship exists.

The petitioner may be requested to submit documentation to establish that it has the right to control over when, where, and how the beneficiary performs the job. This issue often arises with businesses in the consulting or staffing industries. Any time an H-1B petition requests an extension of status or change of status, the sponsored worker must document that he or she has properly maintained the current status. Read H1B Visa vs. Status in USA. For an H-1B extension, this would typically include pay statements.

It is always helpful to be aware of these issues prior to filing as satisfactory documentation can often be submitted with the petition in order to avoid an RFE. Thanks to Emily for writing the guest article for us.

Neumann writes a blog on immigration law immigrationgirl. Same Employer in all cases. Questions: 1.

Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

If my employer applied green card, my 8 months stay in USA for client XYZ in Illinois without filing amendment Sep to Apr will consider as illegal stay and will get rejected? In next stamping or green card interview, if they ask about this 8 month stay, what can I answer to them?

Arul, 1. Well, it is hard to say without knowing the specifics of the case like how it was file, how LCA was used, etc. Only your attorney can tell. If you did not work as per terms, you violated h1b terms… 2. You just need to answer the truth…Talk to your attorney and get their guidance.

project manager rfe

What all should be submitted. Can you please advise? Anil, Only your attorney can tell what is really needed and what you should submit. Talk to them and your employer and sort it out. Everything varies by case. I have since then moved on to new employer and working on my H4-EAD. Now, my new employer wants to sponsor me for H1.

Can they use the previous lottery selection and change employer on RFE follow up or will a new entry need to be filed for lottery? Rashmi, If it was approved, you may.

Common H1B RFE Reasons? – VIBE, Specialty Occupation, Petitioner Needs

But, if seems it was in RFE and never got approved, then it wont work. Also, they may ask if you had H1B status at times, this is slightly grey area….Forgot your password?

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By h1iJanuary 12, in H1B : General. Please let me know if you know of anyone who got RFE on specialty occupation for IT project manager and got approved? If so, please provide some guidance on how to document this?

Background: B. Employed by a big-4 tech consulting firm. Search some more on this forum but below might give some insight - probably not the same title as your but some backgrounds might fit. How else can we provide enough supporting documentation to prove project manager as specialty occupation even with a b.

Not yet approved. My employer has prepared the documentation and didnt shared the response with me. My case is a h1b transfer. In that case, a lot more justification and paperwork might be needed from your employer. Good luck. Thank you. Would that be another problem? Thanks a lot. Is this for a 'Project Manager' role? Even for masters too - they are open for several specializations. How to handle this situation? Please provide your inputs.

Mine was Sr Quality Engineer role. However, the general documentation requirement shall be the same in my opinion. Good luck! But they got through them with no issues. When u got ur amendment, that was still not a time where there was much scrutiny. However this is Trump era and nothing is guaranteed. Anyway, I believe how generic or detailed your current job is will have a bearing on how much justification your firm has to provide.

I got similar RFE recently. RFE for my H1B extension specialty occupation was approved today. Let me know if there are any questions. Happy to help. Hope you have success in your application, can you please share your experience and if you have any documents to share for helping similar situation?

I got the RFE for same reason. Can you please share some general documents and the format which could help me. Documents which have general information. What was your SOC code. Please help me what are the supporting documents you have provided and what are the important points I need to specify in the response documentation? Can you please help me with the documentation? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.Info about the internship program. It is funded by the U.

Congress through the U. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

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